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Oil Booms 300/400 F

The oil boom Type 300/400 F has been designed especially for quick-response countermeasures as well as for stationary safeguarding, preferably at calm waters. The boom consists of semi-submersing wall, made up of highly tear-resistant vinyl-coated polyester canvas material. 

Intermittently lockable jackets are connected to the vertical wall. These take up the floating bodies as well as counter weights on the bottom side. In combination with lower self-filling ballast tanks the oil boom Type 300/400 F offers high tilting protection. Like all Rossbach oil booms the Type 300/400 F is supplied as connectable segments including quick rail-type couplings, ensuring for fast adaption and range extension.

Outstanding characteristics:

  • Suitable for self-winding, therefore most compact storage and quickly to deploy
  • Due to integrated ballast tanks self-adjusting and self-stabilizing
  • Delivered as connectable segments including quick rail-type couplings for   fast and simplified range extension
  • Best-fitting for calm water bodies, also suitable for long-term stationary installations
  • Broad range of adapters available to exactly fit your requirements or to connect to already existing equipment

Technical Data

Segment length10 m (≈33 ft) - alternative lengths available upon request
Overall height700 mm (≈28 in)
Freeboard300 mm (≈12 in)
Submersion depth400 mm (≈16 in)
Specific weight2,3 kg/m length

Materials of construction

Flotation beamsPolyurethan - PUR
Oil boom wallHeavy duty polyester canvas with
double-sided vinyl coating
Segment couplingsSolid aluminum, positive locking profile
Tear strength250 daN/5cm (in all directions acc. to DIN 53354)
Tear propagation> 20 daN/5cm (in all directions acc. to DIN 53356)