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Oil Booms R 200

Type R 200 denotes a most robust and versatile oil boom. A highly tear-resistant and vinylcoated polyester canvas material is being used. Ballast counterweights at the bottom and special, spine-like interconnected flotation bodies are placed into separate and fully sealedoff pockets at the barrier wall. This ensures for a most robust construction and enables a most versatile application - at faster-flowing rivers as well as shallow waters, due to the very stable flotation.

Outstanding characteristics:

  • Most robust construction, due to the use of flotation bodies, directly ready for use
  • Delivered as segments including quick couplings for simplified range   extension
  • Broad range of adapters available to exactly fit individual requirements
  • Spine-like flotation bodies enable a winding storage with quick employment
  • Most versatile application options - suitable for faster-flowing rivers as well as shallow waters

Technical Data

Segment length10 m (≈33 ft) - alternative lengths available upon request
Overall height350 mm (≈28 in)
Freeboard200 mm (≈12 in)
Submersion depth150 mm (≈16 in)
Specific weight4 kg/m length

Materials of construction

Flotation beamsPolyurethan - PUR
Oil boom wallHeavy duty polyester canvas
with double-sided vinyl coating
Segment couplingsSolid aluminum, positive locking profile
Tear strength250 daN/5cm (in all directions acc. to DIN 53354)
Tear propagation> 20 daN/5cm (in all directions acc. to DIN 53356)

Examples of application - Type R 200 at the rivers Danube (left) and Main (right), Germany