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Mobile collection trays or drip pans offer for a broad range of applications such as a local spill prevention against the underground up to multiple purposes for mobile disinfection or decontamination units. Therefore Rossbach collection trays are always being produced tailormade, so to perfectly meet your requirements.  All trays offer common salient features:

  • Made up from sturdy polyester canvas with double-sided heavy vinyl coating
  • Separate plug-in beams for each side of the tray to generate stable side walls
  • Execution of size user-defined, ranging up to approx. 16m x 4m
  • Available Accessories: 
    • Heavy-duty geotextile fleece mats to serve as lower anti-pinching support 
    • Matching fleece mats (polypropylene) to soak up agents at drive- or walkthrough decontamination applications 
    • Approach ramps for drive-through application

Mobile collection tanks

Mobile storage tanks offer a multipurpose functionality e.g. for intermediate storage of hazardous liquids, fire- and tap water, or even drinking water. All Rossbach storage tanksoffer the following salient features:

  • Self-stabilizing soft wall tanks
  • Wall-type storage tanks
  • Available with volumes up to 200´000 l (52´800 gal.)
  • Compact and safe storage
  • Robust construction, only demanding a stable underground / no foundation required
  • Tested for leakage tightness
  • Delivered as ready for use, enabling a rapid assembly
  • Broad range of available accessories e.g. inlet manifolds, cover sheets etc.