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Oil Boom Type ACS

Problem: In case of oil spillages, very often standard floating sorbent booms are being placed onto the water. This usage has to be considered critical, due to the fact, that oil will undercut this simple barrier, especially when the sorbent is getting more and more saturated. A pollution of the clean water side is the inevitable consequence!

Safe Solution: The oil boom Type ACS. It combines a classic sorbent boom together with a full-fledged oil barrier. Only this setup serves for a secure containment of spillages. In addition the barrier Type ACS offers an enhanced Twin-mode functionality:

Mode A

Skirt wall is facing the oil spill -> Type ACS serving as a conventional oil boom to securely contain any floating spillage.

Mode B

The sorbent side is facing the oil spill -> Oil is being soaked into the sorbent and thus being removed from the water surface. In addition the attached skirt ensures that no oil is undercutting the barrier, therefore the spillage is safely contained!

Outstanding characteristics:

  • Active sorbent oil barrier system, offering Twin-mode functionality.
  • Easy to use due to low overall weight and quickly replaceable sorbent elements
  • Exchangeable sorbent elements the oil boom is therefore reusable
  • Delivered as connectable barrier segments, including quick couplings for further simplified range extension
  • Available in three different sizes together to perfectly fit your special requirements
  • Available with a broad range of adapters, also for connection to existing equipment

Technical data

ModelACS 100ACS 150ACS 200
Sorbent diameter100 mm (≈4 in)150 mm (≈6 in)200 mm (≈8 in)
Freeboard85 mm (≈3,3 in)140 mm (≈5,5 in)190 mm (≈7,5 in)
Submersion depth60 mm (≈2,4 in)60 mm (≈2,4 in)60 mm (≈2,4 in)
Specific weight2,0 kg/m length2,8 kg/m length3,9 kg/m length
Absorption rate5 L/m length(*)10,5 L/m length(*)18 L/m length(*)

(*)depending on type of oil and its properties, ambient conditions etc.

Segment length1/2/5/10 m (3/6/16/33 ft) alternative lengths available upon request 

Materials of construction

Flotation/AdsorbentPolypropylen - PP
Oil boom wallHeavy duty polyester canvas with double-sided vinyl coating
Segment couplingsSolid aluminum, positive locking profile
Tear strength250 - 420 daN/5cm (in all directions acc. to DIN 53354)