Roßbach drip tray with aluminium brackets in detail
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Mobile drip tray with aluminium brackets


Mobile drip tray with aluminium brackets


Highly resistant


quick assembly


Retention device of transportable containers


Vehicles, barrels


Refuelling or leakage

Thanks to the quick and easy installation and the small storage volume, the mobile collection tray with insertable aluminium brackets is ideal for mobile and short-term use, for example as a restraint device for mobile containers or in the event of sudden leaks.

The aluminium insertion brackets can be securely mounted without tools and lead to high lateral stability even with large sizes. For driving on, the brackets can be removed for a short time and then reinserted. To protect the material in the long term, we recommend the use of special underlay mats. The easy cleaning allows multiple use.

As standard we use 900 g/m² strong polyester, vinyl coated on both sides with Panama binding. This material is resistant to most common industrial chemicals and is flame retardant (B1).
We offer other materials for special resistance requirements. We are also happy to adapt the size, design, colour or grammage to your requirements and wishes.

Functional features

    • Low storage volume
    • Driveable
    • Easy to clean
    • Stable side walls
    • Size + material + colour freely selectable

    Collecting tray with aluminium brackets

    WIDTH Individual
    LENGTH Individual
    HEIGHT 100/ 150/ 200/ 250 or 300 mm
    SIDE EDGE Aluminium angle all around
    RESISTANCE Against most industrial chemicals (or on request)
    MATERIAL 900g/m² polyester coated on both sides with vinyl (or on request)
    Crack resistance according to din 53354 Chain 420 daN/ 5 cm
    Weft 400 daN/ 5 cm


    Also available as conductive version!

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    All our products can be fully customised to your requirements and wishes.

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    Material & colour choice

    Depending on the required resistance and area of application, we have a large selection of different materials, thicknesses and colours!

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    Accessories & Extensions

    Whether extensions, fixings, drains or underlay mats, we stock almost every accessory.


    Drip tray angle


    Available in various designs and sizes. Aluminium, stainless steel or brass.

    Roßbach underlay tarpaulin

    Underlay tarpaulin

    As protection against damage from below. Available in different thicknesses and sizes.

    Catch basin Underlay mat

    Shim plate

    Vario puzzle tile made of solid PVC, 1125 x 750 mm, thickness 12 mm, accessible by truck and forklift.



    Consisting of 1 m² PVC tarpaulin, 10 PVC patches each Ø 80 mm and Ø 40 mm, 1 PVC adhesive Plastigum 77, 170 g, incl. Bag.

    Roßbach catch basin drain set

    Drain set

    Available in many different designs and sizes.

    Sump tray Earth cable

    Earth cable

    Green-yellow, 2 or 3 m length, with ground clamp and eyelet.