Oil skimmers are used for the effective collection of noxious, non-emulsified light liquids such as oils, greases or other hydrocarbon-based liquids. They are used for leakages and accidents on open waters, in the stationary industrial sector or in groundwater protection in wells. They are an important and essential component of disaster control and differ in design and function depending on the area of operation and the requirements of the delivery capacity. The aim is to work as effectively as possible – i.e. to skim off as little water as possible. There are two possible ways to do this:

• Suction and weir skimmer
• Adhesion Skimmer (Band Skimmer & Mopwringer)


We at Roßbach offer you solutions for both processes. Our systems are based on a proven design and are also suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres!

Trust our experience – we look forward to advising you.

Weir skimmer

Roßbach weir skimmer type 330 400

Weir skimmer

Type 330/ 400

Due to its compact design, it is particularly suitable for skimming light fluids from wells or shafts with a diameter of 330 mm or more. Even very low oil layer thicknesses can be reliably picked up.


roßbach oil skimmer weir skimmer 800 1000 1100

Weir skimmer

Type 800/ 1000/ 1100

The weir skimmer with particularly stable floating position safely picks up oils, fuels or powder oil binders in unbound or saturated form. Adjustable power level and suitable for stationary use.


Roßbach weir skimmer type C

Weir skimmer

Type C

The high performance weir skimmer is suitable for collecting larger quantities of floating liquids in water depths from 3 metres. Adjustable by flow metering.ss depths from 3 metres.


Weir skimmer type K

High-performance weir skimmer

Type K

The high-performance oil skimmer is particularly suitable for extracting large quantities of light liquids such as oils or paraffin. Stable floating position due to integrated buoyancy bodies and adjustable in power and efficiency.


Roßbach weir skimmer suction bucket

Hand skimmer

with suction bucket 52-C

Self-floating suction bucket for picking up small contaminants on water surfaces, especially in shallow waters. Easy handling due to compact size.


Roßbach peristaltic pump

Matching service pumps

Powerful and reliable pumps are required for the use of weir skimmers – peristaltic and diaphragm pumps from Roßbach are ideally suited for this purpose.


Band Skimmer & Mop Wringer

Skimmers based on the adhesion principle work particularly effectively when thin films of oil need to be picked up or when accessibility is severely restricted, such as in the case of contamination within the sewer system. The system consists of an endless cord (the mop) or a fleece made of oil-adhesive fibres. The oil-soaked cord is wrung out by machine and then guided onto the water again. In this way, a high degree of separation is achieved with only a minimal amount of water.

Special features of the Roßbach adhesion skimmers:

  • Particularly suitable for absorbing thin oil films; both for oil damage control or as a permanent installation
  • Robust & proven design
  • Belt and mop wringers are not susceptible to foreign bodies and clogging, unlike weir skimmers
  • All relevant components (motor, switch etc.) in ATEX-compliant design
Drawing Mopwringer Mopskimmer

MopWringer/ MopSkimmer


Roßbach Band Skimmer

Band skimmer

Separator on trailer

Complete solution

Mobile liquid separator with peristaltic pump and weir skimmer mounted on a single-axle truck.

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