Peristaltic pump LZ40 sketch
Roßbach peristaltic pump type GZ 40


Peristaltic pump type GZ and LZ 50

• Suitable for permanent operation

• Closed system, no contamination with conveyed material

• Low maintenance

• Pumping of higher viscosity media possible

Due to their completely closed system, the GZ and LZ 50 peristaltic pumps are ideally suited for use with weir skimmers in oil damage control. Contamination of the pumped medium with the mechanical parts is not possible in this design.

The peristaltic pump (also known as hose squeeze pump, roller pump or peristaltic pump) is a strongly self-priming positive displacement pump that works according to the peristaltic delivery principle. In the process, the pump hose is alternately compressed, i.e. closed, and released again by three rotating rolling bodies inside. When the hose returns to its original shape, the previously created vacuum creates suction and draws in the material to be conveyed. The rotation of the rollers conveys the medium further.

The complete pump system is mounted in a frame and equipped with an Ex variable speed gear motor.

Functional features

    • Absorption of small quantities of oil possible
    • Extremely robust and durable
    • Easy change of the hose
    • Dry runners
    • Simple regulation
    • Suction and pressure side with Storz couplings and blind covers
    • Incl. Manual adjustment gear Adjustment of the delivery rate
    • Permanently mounted control box with on/off switch and cable socket
    • All relevant components (motor, gearbox, switch box, plug etc.) approved according to ATEX

    Peristaltic pump

    Type GZ 50 LZ 50
    Item no. 1200002
    FLOW RATE 1 – 9 m³/h 2,5 – 14 m³/h
    LENGTH 1000 mm 1000 mm
    WIDTH 550 mm 550 mm
    HEIGHT 770 mm 770 mm
    CONNECTIONS R 2″ incl. Storz coupling & blind cover type C R 2″ incl. Storz coupling & blind cover type C
    PUMP HOSE Neoprene Neoprene
    COUPLING Brass Brass
    VOLTAGE 230/ 400 VAC 230/ 400 VAC
    FREQUENCY 50 Hz 50 Hz
    NOMINAL POWER 1,5 kW 2.2 kW
    Rotational speed 33 – 188 min -¹ 33 – 188 min -¹
    EX-SHIELD EEx e ll T3 EEx e ll T3
    EX-CONFORMITY PTB no. Ex-85/3762 PTB no. Ex-85/3762


    Specification of technical data subject to change. Customised design (voltage, power, speed, protection class, etc.) can be implemented.


    Skizze Einsatz der Ölsperre Typ R 200 an der Donau

    Ground anchor

    For fixing the oil barrier


    Oil barrier R 200

    in action on the Danube


    Towing device


    Shore protection distributor


    Peristaltic pump type LZ 50


    Oil separator LKMAT


    Weir skimmer type 1100

    Use of the oil barrier type R 200
    on the Danube

    Flow velocity 1,0 m/s
    River width 80 m
    Angular position 30°
    Main barrier 170 m
    Bank protection barrier 30 m

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