Rossbach water barrier with water filling
Rossbach water barrier with water filling


Water barrier

• Highly resistant

• safely covering

• Rapid emergency response

• Made to measure

The Roßbach water barrier serves as a safe containment or diversion of escaping liquids. Filled with water, the barrier adapts perfectly to the substrate and can also be used with environmentally critical hazardous substances due to the highly resistant material.

With normal filling, the water barrier reaches a containment height of 150 mm; with higher contact pressure, this increases to 200 mm.

The tough polyester fabric is resistant to most common industrial chemicals or mineral oils. The easy cleaning and long durability of the robust material make multiple use possible.

Due to our own production, we can also cater for special dimensions.

    water barrier enclosing
    Water barrier

    Functional features

      • Extremely robust and durable
      • Preventive, as well as for emergencies
      • Reusable
      • Space-saving

      Water barrier

      Item no.
      LENGTH 1,50 m / 3 m / 7,50 m / 15 m
      DIAMETER 200 mm
      MATERIAL Polyester backing fabric, PVC coated on both sides (or on request)


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