Features of the drip trays: with drain, made to measure, durable
Drip tray metal


Metal drip tray


Highly resistant


Ideal for flammable liquids


Retention device of transportable containers




accessible from below

The collection trays made of welded steel or stainless steel construction are ideal for transport or storage of smaller portable containers, such as drums or IBC containers, due to their high stability and resistance.

As a manufacturing company, we implement your order entirely according to your requirements so that you can flexibly determine the dimensions. Additional driving straps make it possible to drive underneath.

We use galvanised steel or stainless steel, painted or powder-coated on request, so that optimum corrosion protection can be achieved. This means that our metal collection trays are resistant to most industrial chemicals and are also approved for the storage of flammable liquids.

For special resistance requirements, please contact us. We maintain extensive resistance lists for our materials and offer you years of experience in dealing with hazardous substances.

Functional features

    • Sturdy welded construction
    • Accessible from underneath
    • Easy to clean
    • Size + material + colour freely selectable

    Metal drip tray

    Item no. BRB-0640000267
    WIDTH Individual
    LENGTH Individual
    HEIGHT Individual
    RESISTANCE Against most industrial chemicals (or on request)
    MATERIAL Galvanised steel or stainless steel


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    Depending on the required resistance and area of application, we have a large selection of different materials, thicknesses and colours!

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