Roßbach Rapid Deployment Container Detail
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Rapid deployment container


Highly resistant


As catch basin, interim storage, retention basin


For extinguishing water, waste water, contaminated liquids


large capacity


Quick assembly


Roßbach rapid deployment container with roof

Roof attachment for rapid deployment containers

The mobile rapid deployment container from Roßbach consists of individual movable wall elements that can be easily and quickly connected to each other. With a height of 1500 mm, the storage volume is determined by the number of side panels used. For a 30,000 litre pool, 12 segments are installed. The diameter for this size is 5800 mm.

The adapted inner tarpaulin can be simply hooked in and fixed in a few simple steps. This extremely stable and safe design thus offers the possibility of large storage volumes of up to 50,000 litres.
Thanks to the quick assembly, this construction has proven itself especially in disaster control as a catch basin or interim storage for secured harmful liquids or as a retention basin for fire-fighting water.

Als Standard verwenden wir 900 g/m² starkes, beidseitig vinylbeschichtetes Polyester mit Panama-Bindung. This material is resistant to most common industrial chemicals and is flame retardant (B1). The seams are double and high frequency welded.
We offer other materials for special resistance requirements. We are also happy to adapt the size, design, colour or grammage to your requirements and wishes.

We offer various drains and valves for draining or collecting the damaged liquids, as well as corresponding pump systems and separators for proper treatment.

Scope of delivery

  • Side wall elements (number varies depending on socket volume)
  • 1 inner tarpaulin with packing bag
  • 1 Floor underlay tarpaulin
  • 3 circumferential tensioning straps 500 daN tensile force with packing bag
  • 2 filling and tapping pipes DN100 with Storz couplings, ball valve venting
  • 1 entry and exit ladder
  • 1 repair kit

Functional features

  • Quick assembly
  • Easy to clean
  • Extremely stable construction
  • Size + material + colour freely selectable

Rapid deployment container

DIMENSION Individual
DIMENSION 1500 x 1500 x 40 mm
WEIGHT 30 kg
RESISTANCE Against most industrial chemicals (or on request)
MATERIAL 900g/m² polyester coated on both sides with vinyl (or on request)
Crack resistance according to din 53354 Chain 420 daN/ 5 cm
Weft 400 daN/ 5 cm


Also available as conductive version!

Roßbach rapid deployment tank 50,000 l Roßbach rapid deployment container fastening Roßbach rapid deployment tank with drain and ladder

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All our products can be fully customised to your requirements and wishes.

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Material & colour choice

Depending on the required resistance and area of application, we have a large selection of different materials, thicknesses and colours!

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Accessories & Extensions

Whether extensions, fixings, drains or underlay mats, we stock almost every accessory.


Roßbach underlay tarpaulin

Underlay tarpaulin

As protection against damage from below. Available in different thicknesses and sizes.



Consisting of 1 m² PVC tarpaulin, 10 PVC patches each Ø 80 mm and Ø 40 mm, 1 PVC adhesive Plastigum 77, 170 g, incl. Bag.

Roßbach Rapid Deployment Container Transport and Storage

Storage and transport

The individual partition wall segments of the rapid deployment container can be easily disassembled and inserted into metal boxes provided for this purpose. With external dimensions of 1600 x 1600 x 1000 mm, up to 15 individual segments can be compactly stowed. Transportable with a pallet truck, the boxes are ideally placed on the equipment trailer, in the rescue vehicle or as a complete solution within a roll-off container, e.g. for emergency response.