Suction bucket sketch
Hand skimmer with suction bucket 52 C


Hand skimmer with suction bucket 52-C

• Absorption of low oil film thicknesses possible

• Natural waters or chemical industry

• Suitable for explosion protection

The Roßbach self-floating suction bucket can be used to skim off contamination on water surfaces with pumps and suction trucks.

The suction bucket is equipped with a weir opening and the angled suction pipe NW 50, including 3 fixed couplings C/R2″ IG, AI.

Functional features

    • Free floating

    • Self-moving due to pump suction

    • Compact design

    • Simplified power regulation


    Hand skimmer with suction bucket 52-C

    Item no. 0510001
    WIDTH 620 mm
    LENGTH 600 mm
    HEIGHT 125 mm
    WEIR WIDTH 300 mm
    CONNECTION Storz-C coupling
    MATERIAL Al Mg 3
    WEIGHT 5,2 kg


    Specification of technical data subject to change. Customised design (voltage, power, speed, protection class, etc.) can be implemented.

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