Well skimmer 330S
Weir skimmer 400 S

Weir skimmer type 330 S

• Inexpensive

• Absorption of low oil film thicknesses possible

• Suitable for narrow wells or shafts

• Natural waters or chemical industry

The weir skimmer type 330 S is a self-floating compact unit for skimming off light liquids. Due to its small diameter, it is particularly suitable for use in wells or maintenance shafts. The well skimmer can be used from a basin diameter of 330 mm. The 3 radially arranged floats and the counterweights ensure a stable floating position that adapts to the water level.
The skimmer pot is connected to the skimmer base. This unit is height-adjustable and screwed to the float.
The well skimmer can be operated by any pump system such as centrifugal, piston, diaphragm, hose, vacuum or eccentric screw pumps. However, the pump system should be matched to the medium.

Functional features

    • Weir funnel principle
    • Extremely robust and durable
    • Lightweight construction
    • No moving parts
    Type 330 S
    Item no. 0542001–1
    FLOATATION BODY Ø 150 x 200 mm
    MATERIAL Stainless steel 1.4301
    INSERT-Ø 330 mm
    HEIGHT 300 mm
    SKIMMER CUP Ø 80 x 140 mm
    COUPLING System Geka-Ms
    POWER 1 -3 m³/h
    WEIGHT 5 kg


    Specification of technical data subject to change. Customised design (voltage, power, speed, protection class, etc.) can be implemented.

    dsc00678 Brunnenskimmer 1


    Brunnenskimmer 400SSo that the well skimmer is not negatively influenced in its functional characteristics by the suction hose, the corresponding hose length between min.-max. must be taken into account. For water level differences >of 2 m, appropriate additional floats must be attached to the suction hose.

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