Roßbach weir skimmer type c Drawing
Roßbach weir skimmer type C


Weir skimmer type C

• Powerful

• Absorption of low oil film thicknesses possible

• Wide weir edge

• Suitable for explosion protection

The weir skimmer type C is a free-floating, compact suction unit. The stable floating position and the wide weir edge enable a steady inflow. The immersion depth of the weir and thus the possible absorption of different thicknesses of oil layers is achieved by a pump with adjustable power. Due to the pump suction, the weir skimmer moves independently.
The unit is suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres (explosion protection).

Functional features

    • Free floating

    • Self-moving due to pump suction

    • Compact design

    • Simplified power regulation


    Weir skimmer type C

    Item no. ERB-520002
    POWER 1 -3 m³/h
    WIDTH 995 mm
    LENGTH 625 mm
    HEIGHT 420 mm
    WEIR WIDTH 920 mm
    CONNECTION R 2″ AG, incl. Storz fixed coupling
    MATERIAL V2A, stainless steel
    WEIGHT 26,5 kg


    Specification of technical data subject to change. We will be happy to implement a design tailored to your needs.

    Wehrskimmer C 1 Rossbach Wehrskimmer Typ C anwendung


    Wehrskimmer Typ c Anwendung Wehrskimmer Typ c Anwendung 1

    The slurping position is set by metering the flow rate of the pump with the regulating valve.

    A low flow rate results in a low immersion of the weir. It is necessary when the oil layer becomes thinner. The pump speed is reduced, the weir is raised automatically and wave crests are now still being skimmed.

    A high flow rate results in a deep submergence of the weir. Here, the capacity can be increased to 16 m³/h (depending on the pump capacity).


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