Roßbach oil separator stationary
Roßbach oil separator LKMAT mobile

Suitable for:

Oil separator

• Disaster Management (Mobile)

• Industry (permanently installed)

Areas of application:
– Oil damage control
– Remediation of contaminated sites
– contaminated waters
– Process waste water
– Cooling water fuse
– and much more.

Mineral oils:
– Diesel
– Heating oils
– Fuels
– Filter oils (white oils)
– Lubricating oils
– Belt greasing etc.

The oil separator or light liquid separator is used to separate light liquids from contaminated water, such as industrial water, process waste water or natural waters and is based on a purely physical separation principle:
Light liquids according to DIN 1999 are liquids with a lower density than water, which are not soluble in water and which do not undergo a chemical reaction with water. These are petrol, diesel, heavy oils, filter oils (white oils) and other oils of mineral origin. Due to their specific physical properties, these light liquids have the advantage over other substances that they can be separated from water with mechanical separation systems.
The separation process of the oil separator is based on this separation effect and takes place in a double-stage separation process in two main chambers and with optimum flow guidance.
This double-acting oil drain device results in automatic oil drainage during continuous and discontinuous operation, achieving a high efficiency of up to 99.99 %.

The oil separator is suitable for mobile use, e.g. in disaster control, as well as for permanent stationary use in industries.

In addition, we offer you a wide range of modular extension options or special designs individually adapted to your requirements!

Functional features

  • Double-acting oil drain with 2 main chambers
  • High and constant efficiency of up to 99.99 %.
  • DIN 1999-100 and DIN EN 858-2 compliant
  • Low maintenance and assembly effort
  • No moving parts
Roßbach Oil Separator Industry


Roßbach Skizze Einsatz der Ölsperree Typ R 200 an der Donau

Ground anchor

For fixing the oil barrier


Oil barrier R 200

in action on the Danube


Towing device


Shore protection distributor


Peristaltic pump type LZ 50


Oil separator LKMAT


Weir skimmer type 1100

Use of the oil barrier type R 200
on the Danube

Flow velocity 1,0 m/s
River width 80 m
Angular position 30°
Main barrier 170 m
Bank protection barrier 30 m

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