Roßbach weir skimmer type K


High performance weir skimmer type K

• Extremely powerful

• Absorption of large quantities of oil possible

• wide weir edge

• Suitable for explosion protection

The high-performance weir skimmer, also known as a keel skimmer, is designed to skim off large quantities of light liquids. Irrespective of the pump design, the weir skimmer can be operated in the capacity range between 10-80 m³/h. The output of the weir skimmer is regulated via the pump output. The self-floating weir flap adjusts to the pump output and thus controls the immersion depth of the weir flap. A universal hose holder allows the use of hoses from NW 30 – NW 100.

Functional features

    • Free floating

    • Self-moving due to pump suction

    • Compact design

    • Simplified power regulation


    High performance weir skimmer type K

    Item no. ERB-520002
    POWER 10 – 100 m³/h
    WIDTH 1900 mm
    LENGTH 1400 mm
    HEIGHT 400 mm
    WEIR WIDTH 1400 mm
    CONNECTION NW 38 – NW 100
    MATERIAL V4A, stainless steel 1.4571
    WEIGHT 96,5 kg


    Specification of technical data subject to change. Customised design (voltage, power, speed, protection class, etc.) can be implemented.

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